The Single Secret to Becoming a Better Runner


A introduction to running efficiency and its importance in improving performance, with practical advice on how runners can evaluate and improve mechanics to impact efficiency.

Anatomy for Runners


Anatomy for Runners Running has become more and more popular in recent years, with thousands of people entering marathons, buying new running shoes with the latest technology, and going for a daily jog, whether on the track or on a treadmill. Unfortunately, with running comes injuries, as a result of wrong information and improper training. Author Jay Dicharry was tired … Read More

The Science of Running


The Science of Running by Steve Magness If you are looking for how to finish your first 5k, this book isn’t for you. The Science of Running is written for those of us looking to maximize our performance, get as close to our limits as possible, and more than anything find out how good we can be, or how good … Read More

Where Runners go Wrong


Based on a 2012 Harvard study, this article looks at heel strikers (the most common type of runner) who have never been injured. Evaluating injury patterns and running styles, they looked into how impact load creates cumulative strain. Image Credit: Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

180 is Not a Magic Number


We’ve all heard that if you want to improve your running game, you should target a stride rate of 180 steps per minute. We’re not convinced. Our favorite example is our head of engineering. At 6’5” we’re pretty sure a 180 stride rate is a physical impossibility. We took a look at data we captured at the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon to look into … Read More