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Built on everything we have learned from RunScribe over the last two years, RunScribe Plus is the Ultimate Running Analysis Tool.

RunScribe™ captures the mechanics of how you run.
Let the data drive smarter training decisions.

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A Global Running Databank

The RunScribe databank is growing by millions of footsteps a week and currently contains over one billion data points. By creating the largest databank of running kinematic data, our goal is to democratize running data – to bring advanced metrics out of the lab and into the wild. By putting accurate, reliable and cost-effective tools into the hands of athletes, clinicians, and sports professionals, we’re empowering the running community with holistic and more meaningful ways to assess, track and train using real world data.


Every Runner’s Stride is Unique

By collecting advanced metrics at every footstrike, RunScribe provides a holistic view of your run, allowing you to track progress, assess risk and quantify the impact of training on form and symmetry.

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    Run Free

    No need to run with your phone, RunScribe knows you’re running.

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    Weighing only 15g, run without restriction or distraction.

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    Mount on heel or laces, easily swap between shoes.

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    16 hour run time with integrated rechargeable battery.

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    Wireless Syncing

    RunScribe iOS and Android apps sync data over BT Smart.

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    Real-Time Metrics

    Support for Garmin Connect IQ Watches, and Power on Suunto Ambit, Spartan.

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    RunScribe now supports Power, viewable on multiple platforms!

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    Powerful Tools

    Track change over time, quantify your shoe selctions, and see how you compare to other runners!


The RunScribe System

RunScribe captures how you run in the wild. Leave your phone at home while the RunScribe footpod records every step.
Sync with the RunScribe app when you’re done and use the web dashboard to analyze and compare.


The RunScribe App

Upload and view run data using the RunScribe app.

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The RunScribe Dashboard

The RunScribe web dashboard offers powerful analysis tools to analyze metrics, compare runs, identify trends and track the impact of shoes & terrain on stride mechanics.


The RunScribe Metrics

Change Can Be Good … or Painful

Small changes can have big impacts. RunScribe lets you quantify that change.
RunScribe’s comprehensive metrics highlight tradeoffs between the core elements of a runner’s stride: Symmetry, Efficiency, Motion, & Shock.


Stride Rate (steps/min)
Flight Ratio (%)
Contact Time(ms)

Efficiency indicators are used to:
  • Establish a runner’s optimal pace
  • Evaluate training effect
  • Identify weakness based on efficiency breakdown
  • Assess the impact of footwear
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Cumulative Shock (Gs)
Impact (Gs)
Braking (Gs)
Shock values are used to:
  • Identify injury risk
  • Evaluate training load
  • Assess shoewear
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Footstrike type (Heel, Mid, Fore)
Pronation Excursion (degrees)
Pronation Velocity (degrees/second)
Motion metrics are used to:
  • Identify injury risk
  • Track recovery from injury
  • Improve footwear selection
  • Quantify the effect of gait retraining
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Motion Profile
Symmetry is used to:
  • Quantify the impact of physical therapy, orthotics, shoes, strength & conditioning programs
  • Track progress in injury recovery
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Running Power (in β)

Running Power represents the amount of energy required to maintain pace under the current conditions, be it running on a treadmill, up a mountain, or just out for a recovery run.

Power is used to:
  • Optimize your running economy
  • Measure your fitness and shape
  • Measure the exact effort of your workout
  • Maintain the optimal pace in a race


Accuracy Matters

More than 100 clincians, coaches and academic researchers around the globe trust RunScribe to deliver consistent and accurate metrics. We have partnered with leading researchers to validate the RunScribe footsteps model and ensure accurate metrics. We’re committed to sharing our research and validation studies with our community.


Specifications / Compatibility

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    Efficiency (Stride Rate, Contact Time, Flight Ratio), Motion (Footstrike Type, Pronation, Pronation Velocity), Shock (Impact Gs, Braking Gs), Symmetry, and Power(in β)

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    9-axis motion sensor, 500Hz sampling rate, 16MB onboard flash memory

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    Size / Weight

    15g / 35x25x7.5mm

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    Water Resistance

    IPX7 (up to 1m of water). Creek crossing is fine, but no scubadiving!

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    Bluetooth Smart, ANT+

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    Android 4.4+, iOS 9+

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    Garmin Connect IQ [Forerunner, Fenix, and Vivoactive], and Suunto [Ambit, Spartan]

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    Full RunScribe Metrics on Garmin Connect, Power on TrainingPeaks, and Movescount

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    What's Included

    2 FootPods, Charger, Lace cradles, and RunScribe dashboard account


Ed S
“My data showed an asymmetry between my legs on foot strike & shock. Today’s visit to chiropractor confirmed a misalignment in hips and an adjustment corrected it. Nice to have an indicator from workout data before I begin to feel symptoms. Will need to see how the next few runs go & what the data looks like.”

Guy J
“RunScribe diagnosed a “flaw” in my running form. It reflected a mid foot strike on one foot, and a heel strike on the other. I’d never have known, but for RunScribe. It also has helped me move from a huge pronation to a neutral shoe.”

Nina S
“… So now when I look at my stats after a run and see something out of ordinary, I can adjust a bit and feel better the next run, as opposed to my previous experience getting worse and worse until I get injured. Since getting the pods, I did two half marathons with no issues, and a couple of shorter races. My regular runs are usually between 1 and 6 miles, and I run a few times a week. Cannot recall any injuries in 2016, all thanks to RunScribe analytics.”

Dylan F
“I’d like to thank you and the RunScribe team for providing fast and courteous customer service each time. Truly going out of your way for your customers and working with them through sometimes unfortunate circumstances. I appreciate that and want to recognize you and your team for that.”

Steve Magness, Elite Running Coach

“Not many devices allow for practical changes based on data, but I believe RunScribe gives us the tool to translate some of these nice metrics into practical change that influences performance.”


The RunScribe Team

Tim Clark – Founder
An avid cyclist & runner, Tim lives at the intersection of technology and sports. An expert in firmware and algorithm development, Tim also brings manufacturing and hardware expertise. Previously, Tim worked at Activision/Red Octane, Metrigear (acquired by Garmin), and the US Olympic Training Center.

Robin Fain
Everything Else
Robin and Tim met when she crewed for his 2006 Race Across Oregon ultra-marathon bike race. She performed expertly during 30 hours of one of the hottest Oregon summers on record, and Tim literally credits Robin with saving his life. Since then she has crewed various races with such finesse as to gain the nickname Super Crew. With a background in design she has managed high-end retail shops and owned her own retail business as well as a design business. Her penchant for organization has kept RunScribe running smoothly and she couldn’t possibly wear another hat if she were the mythic Hydra.