RunScribe in the Literature

Excited to share the growing number of studies involving RunScribe sensors!

Case Studies

Clinics and other Professionals using RunScribe.

A holistic approach to managing a runner with recalcitrant plantar fasciitis outside the clinic

Jai Saxelby, Dr Javier Gamez Paya, Dr Ben Heller – Link to Paper

Asymmetry & Injury In A Physiotherapy Setting

Phil Smith, Physiohaus – Link to Paper


Research Studies involving RunScribe.

Increased Contact Time and Strength Deficits in Runners with Exercise-Related Lower Leg Pain

Rachel M Koldenhoven, Amy Virostek, Alexandra F DeJong, Michael Higgins, Jay Hertel – Link to Paper

Using a wireless consumer accelerometer to measure tibial acceleration during running: agreement with a skin-mounted sensor

Leona Brayne, Andrew Barnes, Ben Heller & Jonathan Wheat – Link to Paper

RunMerge: Towards EnhancedProprioception for AdvancedAmateur Runners

Francisco Kiss, Konrad Kucharski, Sven Mayer,Lars Lischke, Pascal Knierim, Andrzej Romanowski – Link to Paper

Beyond “How hard did it feel? ”What can we gain from the use of wearable sensors to monitor training loads in running?

Christopher Napier – Link to Paper

Automatic Extraction and Detection of CharacteristicMovement Patterns in Children with ADHD Basedon a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Acceleration Images

Mario Muñoz-Organero1, Lauren Powell, Ben Heller, Val Harpin and Jack Parker – Link to Paper

An exploration of the determinants of sedentary behaviour in desk-based employees

Lamb, Martin Adrian – Link to Paper

Overground vs. Treadmill Running: Do Runners Use the Same Strategy to Adjust Stride Length and Frequency While Running at Different Velocities?

Tiffany MataJohn A. Mercer, Ph.D., Joshua P. Bailey, M.S. – Link to Paper

Exploring kinematic asymmetry by means of wearable sensors during marathon race

Aliaksandr Leuchanka, Zachary Switaj, Tim Clark – Link to Paper

Use of wearable sensors for measurement of spatiotemporal variables during marathon race

Aliaksandr Leuchanka, Zachary Switaj & Tim Clark – Link to Paper


Validation Studies involving RunScribe.

Validation of Foot-Strike Assessment Using Wearable Sensors During Running

Alexandra F DeJong , Jay Hertel – Link to Paper

Validating commercial wearable sensors for running gait parameters estimation
[Note: this study was performed with the RunScribe pods mounted on the Heel which has not been recommended since 2018!]

Pairot de Fontenay B, Roy JS, Dubois B, Bouyer L and Esculier JF – Link to Paper

Agreement between the spatiotemporal gait parameters from two different wearable devices and high-speed video analysis

Felipe García-Pinillos, , Pedro Á. Latorre-Román, and Luis E. Roche-Seruendo – Link to Paper

Validation of a Wearable Sensor for Measuring Running Biomechanics

Koldenhoven R.M. · Hertel J. – Link to Paper

Supplementary Material for: Validation of a Wearable Sensor for Measuring Running Biomechanics

Koldenhoven R.M. Hertel J. – Link to Paper

Running biomechanics as measured by wearable sensors: effects of speed and surface

Christina R. Hollis, Rachel M. Koldenhoven, Jacob E. Resch & Jay Hertel – Link to Paper

Validation of RunScribe inertial sensor for measuring foot strike angle

Janelle Romanchuk – Link to Paper

Influence of Placement on the Validity of RunScribe

Michael Giambrone – Link to Paper

Influence of RunScribe™ placement on the accuracy of spatiotemporal gait characteristics during running

Felipe García-Pinillos, José M Chicano-Gutiérrez, Emilio J Ruiz-Malagón, Luis E Roche-Seruendo – Link to Paper