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RunScribe Plus

RunScribe Connectivity Troubleshooting

RunScribe Plus is able to communicate with your Garmin watch over ANT via the RunScribe Connect IQ DataField app(s).
We have a number of different apps(s) – Light is targeted to (older) IQ1 watches, and Plus is for the (newer) IQ2 watches.
[The Beta version is for targeted testing with our Connect IQ Beta Group, visit to learn more]
You’ll first need to install the Connect IQ DataField app from the IQ AppStore:

On the Watch side – you will now need to Add the DataField.
  1. Press the Start button (top right) then you’ll need to select Run (Up/Down) buttons.
  2. Hold the Lap button for >3sec – it will display a Menu. Select Run Settings.
  3. Next Select Data Screens.
  4. Now scroll up (use Up button) to the ( + / Add New ) screen. Push Start button.
  5. Select Custom Data / push Start button.
  6. Field1 (000) / push Start button.
  7. Then it will say Connect IQ Fields / push Start button.
  8. It will now show you RunScribe Light / scroll to this and push Start button.
The DataField is now installed, and you can back (Back button) all the way out.
No need to pair with the RunScribe pods, they will automatically be discovered by the DataField app.

For more detailed info on Connect IQ – check these links:

If your are experiencing issues with your RS Plus, or have been told that your pod needs calibration, please follow these steps in the app:

Once this is complete, you can use your pod as your would normally, no reboot or reset is required.

Here are a few things to try…

Step 1 – Please ensure they were on the (RS+) charger [V2 charger won’t work] – and LEDs were cycling. This wakes them up from the post-manufacturing ‘OFF’ state that we put them in, which renders them undiscoverable.

Step 2 – Make sure that you’re on the correct version of the App (2.4.0 for iOS, 1.4.2 for Android).

Step 3 – Try resetting the PODs manually. Hold down the little button on the bottom of the pod for at least 8sec, then releasing.

Step 4 – Quit the RS App, then reboot your phone. Brutal, but this completely resets the Bluetooth cache.

Step 5 – For users that might have had multiple (prior) versions of the RS App, last thing to try is removing the App completely, then reinstalling from Google Play or App Store, and then trying again. This cleans out any old RunScribe DB entries which could conceivable have become corrupt.

If you’re still having issues, please go to App -> Settings then Create Support Ticket and let us know what’s happening at the top of the Support Ticket email [e.g. Cannot find pods, Failing FW update, etc]

One of the changes with the new V3 (RunScribe Plus) pods is the integration of onboard charge control. This resolves a few of the issues we had with V2. But it does mean that you need to use the V3 Charger w/ V3 pods, and continue to use the V2 Charger with V2 pods.
Power has been used for more than a decade in cycling, but unlike in cycling where it’s possible to directly measure power using strain gauges, in running, power must be calculated. Using a 9-axis sensor, it’s possible to measure 3D accelerations, then feed that data into a complex algorithm to calculate the required energy to move forward at that pace, factoring in weight, terrain, …

We’re also taking a different approach with power, being as transparent as possible about how we get to power.

We support ANT via

  • Connect IQ – providing RunScribe Metrics via Connect IQ datafields. Look for RunScribe Plus or RunScribe Light depending on your watch model.
In addition to the (new) support for ANT/ANT+, we will be continuing to support Bluetooth Smart.

  • RunScribe data upload at the end of your run via the RunScribe App to our Web Dashboard
  • We’ll now be supporting both the Power and Running Speed/Cadence profiles, enabling operation with numerous watches with BT Smart support (Suunto)
  • We will also be releasing an API for our custom RealTime BT Smart profile, enabling App Developers to incorporate real-time RunScribe metrics into their Apps.
We are committed to our current users, which is one of the reasons we’re continuing to actively support that experience, with new App and Dashboard features which are fully compatible with existing HW.

In order to deliver the real-time metrics, we need the additional computational power which is only available on the new RunScribe Plus. We’re excited to (now) be on a platform that gives us a lot of room to grow, between the ANT & BT radios and additional horsepower, there is a lot that we can do in future FW updates.



Click on your profile avatar in the top right of the web dashboard.

Once enabled, all runs uploaded via the mobile app will land here. You can then individually select the Runner for each run file.


Getting Started

1. Charge the RunScribe footpods in the dual charger
– RunScribe Pro – indicator light will turn green when fully charged
– RunScribe Plus – Pod LEDs will cycle during charging, and turn off when fully charged
2. Download the RunScribe app from the Apple App Store or Google Play
3. Once charged, remove the footpods from the charger and place them near your phone
1. Launch the RunScribe app
2. Create a RunScribe account
3. Select your RunScribe footpod mount (heel or laces)
4. The app will update and configure each footpod separately
5. Select the footpod location (Right or Left foot)
6. Select an LED color – configure different colors for each footpod to distinguish between Left and Right
7. Repeat the configuration for the second footpod

There are two possible mounting options – heel and laces. Mount RunScribe in the location configured during set up. To change locations, edit device Settings in the mobile app before your run.

Heel Mount

  • Select the clip size that provides a snug fit
  • Snap the heel cradle onto the clip
  • Slip the clip onto the shoe
  • Snap the corresponding RunScribe (right or left) into the cradle – the “Click” means RunScribe is secure

Laces Mount

  • Thread the Lace Cradle underneath your shoe laces (tab facing up)
  • Snap the corresponding RunScribe (Right or Left) into the cradle – the “Click” means RunScribe is secure
  • Make sure the laces are tight and RunScribe isn’t loose
  • 2 RunScribe footpods
  • 2 sets of Lace Cradles
  • Dual Charger + cable
1. RunScribe turns on and starts recording when you run. You do not need to run with your phone.
2. After your run, launch the app to automatically sync the footpods.
3. View run data via the app or the web dashboard
1. Orientation: Always install RunScribe with the tab facing up.
2. Configuration: Configure the correct location (Right or Left) and Mount (Heel or Laces) before your run.
3. Distance Calibration: RunScribe provides estimated distance until it learns your stride. Improve distance measurements by providing actual distance. Select the pencil icon to edit distance.

RunScribe Footpods

The Device Settings are accessible through the RunScribe app.  Make sure your RunScribe is connected to the app to access settings.

Select your RunScribe from the main navigation.

Within RunScribe device settings, you can:

  • Update your RunScribe firmware
  • Rename your RunScribe
  • Change the Mount Location (Heel or Laces)
  • Change which Foot (Right or Left)
  • Clear RunScribe (remove runs from the RunScribe memory)

Make sure your RunScribe is updated with the latest firmware, and the Mount and Foot configurations are accurate BEFORE running.

RunScribe automatically starts recording once you start running (140 steps per minute or 70 strides per minute), which allows you to run without a mobile phone. During a run session, RunScribe captures every step you take.

Sometimes that includes a short stop at a stoplight, a pause between intervals, or a run/walk session. On 03/29/2016 we updated the run detail view to account for these scenarios: all runs are broken into elapsed time – with a subset of running time, walking time and stationary time.

Timeout is set to 250 seconds.

By default, RunScribe deletes runs from the device memory after they have been successfully uploaded to your dashboard.

If there are any issues with this process, we offer the ability to clear RunScribe via the Device Profile. It isn’t necessary to do this unless there is a technical issue that our support team is helping you address.

RunScribe has configurable LED colors – each RunScribe footpod has a different color, to help users easily distinguish right vs left. You can confirm right vs left a couple of ways:

  • Shake RunScribe: When motion is detected, the LEDs will turn on and pulse in the configured color.
  • Connect RunScribe pods to the RunScribe app: View the device profile. Once the device profile is viewed, the LEDs will illuminate.
  • The RunScribe app automatically includes the device color and foot configuration in the device name. Check the RunScribe app to confirm color and location.

RunScribe V2 (and V3) have configurable LED colors – each RunScribe footpod has a different color, to help users easily distinguish right vs left.  All LED behavior is in the configured color, unless otherwise indicated:

  • Motion Detected: Slow Continuous Blink
  • Recording: Slow Circular Motion
  • Sync: Quick Blink
  • DFU Mode: Solid Blue
  • Reboot: Single Short Blue Pulse
  • Device Found: Solid Green
  • Low Battery: Repeating Red Double Pulse
  • Clearing Flash: Quick Red/Blue Blink
  • V2 Charging: Red LED on Charger
  • V2 Charging Complete: Green LED on Charger
  • V3 (RunScribe Plus): Blue LED on Charger indicates Charger has Power and Pod is properly inserted.
  • V3: LEDs on Pod will cycle (bright/dim) while Charging, then go off when Charging is Complete.

When the RunScribe app connects with RunScribe footpod, it checks the health of the motion sensor. If the sensor needs to be recalibrated, the app will pop up a notification and direct you through the calibration process to reset the sensor. This process takes approximately 1 minute. If the reset fails, please contact Customer Support.


RunScribe App

Apple (iOS 9+)

  • iPhone 4s and above
  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad mini
  • iPod Touch 5th gen

Android (OS 4.4+)

  • Devices that are Bluetooth Smart compatible.

RunScribe Dashboard

RunScribe distances are estimated until the users provides actual distance for 3 runs. As users edit runs with actual, RunScribe becomes more accurate.

Edit on Mobile

After Sync, view the Run Detail.  Select the edit icon located next to”Run Distance” and  “Moving Time”.  Using trusted distance or time estimates (From GPS watch or app), edit the duration and/or distance of a run.

Click the Check Mark icon to save edits.

Edit on Web

View the Run Detail and select the edit icon underneath the “Run Distance” or “Moving Time”. Using trusted distance or time estimates (From GPS watch or app), edit the duration and/or distance of a run.

Using the Trim Feature

For runners who want to establish the run session based on step rate, there is an advanced option.  In the Run Detail view, select the Trim button on the Graph. By moving the Slider in the Trim Run page, users crop the run. Users can also override the Run Distance in the Trim Screen.  Once run start and finish has been set, the Run Duration will automatically update.  Select the “Save Trim” button before leaving the screen.

During a run session, RunScribe captures every step you take. Sometimes that includes a short stop at a stoplight, a pause between intervals, or a run/walk session. The run detail accounts for these scenarios: all runs are broken into elapsed time – with a subset of running time, walking time and stationary time.

Community Compare contextualizes your run against the RunScribe Community databank. Because stride mechanics are highly pace dependent, the comparison is calculated at pace for:

  • Shock
  • Efficiency
  • Motion

Run Summary gives a Symmetry snapshot (RunScribe Pro 2x only), to highlight any asymmetries. In addition, the Run Summary provides summary stats:

  • Total Distance & Time (w/ access to the Edit feature)
  • Time Breakout: Moving, Stationary, Walking, Running
  • Average Pace
  • Total # of Steps
  • Steps per minute
  • Cumulative Shock (the total shock experienced during the run)

As well as the ability to Tag your run:

  • Terrain
  • WorkOut Type
  • Pain Points
  • Net Pain Factor (Slider)


The Graphs function allows you to compare metrics throughout your run. To add metrics to your run, highlight the metrics you want to graph. Once highlighted, they will automatically appear on the graph.

Below the graph is the breakdown of core metrics. For RunScribe 2x users, the core metrics include a RvL Symmetry snapshot.

The Run Detail page lets you dig into the details of your run.


Use the Graphs to see how your RunScribe Metrics vary throughout your run:

  • Toggle Metrics On/Off using the Tabular Stats selectors below
  • See what the instantaneous metrics are by mousing over the data
  • Zoom In by holding down the mouse button and dragging over the desired range
  • To reset to the full duration of the run, click the ‘Reset zoom’ in the upper right corner of the graph

The Tabular Stats section shows Average, Min, Max, Histogram and R/L Symmetry (RunScribe Pro 2x only) for each Metric.

To add a shoe to your profile, go to the Shoes section of the RunScribe dashboard. Select “New” and you will be able to add a shoe to your profile by selecting the Shoe Manufacturer and Name.

Assign the shoes with any tags that will be beneficial for comparison or analysis purposes in the future. For example, tagging a shoe as minimalist or maximalist, will help you do comparisons of the impact of shoe type in the future.

After you have added a shoe into your profile, you can easily tag runs with the shoe and analyze differences in shoes on fundamentals and track shoe trends over time.


RunScribe Metrics

RunScribe captures metrics at every footstrike, which allows for deeper analysis. Here’s the details:

Summary Metrics

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Time (Running, Walking, Stationary)
  • Stride Length

Efficiency Indicators

  • Stride Rate
  • Contact Time
  • Flight Ratio

Motion Profile

  • Footstrike Type
  • Pronation Excursion
  • Pronation Velocity


  • Shock Gs (by footstrike and cumulative)
  • Impact Gs
  • Braking Gs


  • Symmetry snapshot and simultaneous R v L metrics


Currently RunScribe products are only available direct from our online store or from one of our authorized resellers. For more information, please send us an e-mail and let us know where you are located and we can let you know if there is a reseller in your region.
If your transaction is not going through, typically something was entered wrong. Is your billing address different from your shipping address? Did you type the CVV number in correctly? If that is all correct, and it is still not going through, there may be an issue with your account and you should contact your bank and/or credit card company.
We typically get orders out within 24 hours of orders being placed Monday-Thursday. Domestically: We ship USPS Priority as our standard service which can take 2-5 business days. Other shipping options are available as well for faster service. Internationally, we ship DHL as our standard service. Typical shipping times can vary, generally though they are quoted for 4-5 business days.
Pleease check that the code is not expired and make sure you are typing the code in correctly (or copy and paste it). If are using a code that has not expired and you have copied and pasted it and are still having issues, please contact us ( and we can assist you with that.


Yes, we ship to most countries.
For International Customers: Packages are shipped from the United States. Shipping & handling charges are *NOT* inclusive of customs, excise and VAT payments for certain countries. Additional fees may be due from your local customs authority.
Additional fees may be due from your local customs authority. Because every country has different rules and regulations, we suggest you contact your local authority before placing an order to know what those additional charges may be.
If you can not get a shipping rate when checking out for your country, in most cases it is because USPS does not offer shipping services to your country. Please contact us and we can determine how we need to ship (DHL or FedEx) and what the shipping charges will be, then we will create an invoice for you to complete your purchase.
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For International packages, this typically indicates that it has been delivered to the customs office. The customs office should reach out to notify you to pick up your package. If they haven’t contacted you, we advise you contact your local postal authority and find out where your package is. The USPS tracking number is interchangeable with your country’s equivalent postal authority. Once your package is entered into the system, those postal authority’s typically give very detailed information on the location of your package.


RunScribe uses advanced sensor technology and algorithms to precisely record your stride mechanics in the wild. RunScribe reports advanced metrics in 4 dimensions: Efficiency, Motion, Shock & Symmetry. This holistic view allows clinicians, coaches & athletes to precisely assess a runner’s style, quantify the impact of training on mechanics, and track running patterns to identify trends. RunScribe is lightweight & unobtrusive and can be work on the treadmill, track, road or trail. RunScribe automatically starts and stops, you don’t need to run with a phone or press a start button. When you’re done, upload and view your data via the RunScribe app.
  • 2 RunScribe footpods
  • Cradles which allow RunScribe to be mounted on laces
  • RunScribe dual charger with USB charging cable
  • The RunScribe app for iOS and Android
  • RunScribe account with access to the RunScribe  dashboard and analysis tools
Today, RunScribe is being used in clinics and by academic researchers as a trusted and accurate measurement tool. We built RunScribe using the same sensor technology used in Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), which are found in everything from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to satellites to the Mars lander.  These units work by combining the results from an array of sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers) to precisely determine rotational attributes like pitch, roll, and yaw using a technique called Sensor Fusion.  Throughout the development of RunScribe, we have worked with university partners to test and validate RunScribe data against gait analysis systems in their labs.  These results feed into our proprietary footsteps model to compute RunScribe metrics.

We believe consistency and accuracy are paramount for professional use. While we are always improving the accuracy of our footsteps model, we will continue to publish our validation studies and any 3rd party research results in our blog.

There are a few best practices that ensure your run data will be accurate:

  • Distance Calibration: RunScribe estimates distance until you have calibrated your first few runs. To ensure accurate distance calculations, edit your run distance using a trusted data source (GPS app or smartwatch). After you’ve edited your first few runs, RunScribe will accurately calculate distance.
  • Secure Mount: RunScribe is full of sensitive sensor tech, which means it must be securely mounted and correctly oriented with the cradle tab facing up. Upside down or loose RunScribe footpods can result in wonky data.
  • Update: We’re constantly making improvements, so update your app and make sure your RunScribe is running the latest firmware.
RunScribe customers are coaches, clinicians and athletes using advanced measurement tools in their practice with a desire for real world metrics. Users include:

Distance, Track & Field Runners & Triathletes: Athletes often serve as their own coach and therapist. RunScribe gives athletes access to lab-grade data to help them assess shoewear, track performance and identify areas of weakness.

Physiotherapists, Clincians, Podiatrists: RunScribe is being used in practices around the globe to do real-world client assessment, quantify progress in injury recover and tracking change related to gait retraining, shower or orthodics.

Coaches: RunScribe is being used at elite levels in multiple sports, but distance running in particular. By analyzing a runner’s metrics over the duration of a run, coaches are able to identify areas for improvement and refine race strategies. RunScribe also plays a roll in helping coaches objectively assess a runner’s status after coming back from injury.

Yes…and no.

Yes – in order to upload your data between the RunScribe and the web dashboard, you need a Bluetooth enabled iOS or Android device.

No – you don’t have to RUN with your phone or tablet. RunScribe automatically records when you start running, so you can leave your phone at home and sync when you are done.

No need to run with a phone. We’ve got plenty of storage memory in RunScribe, so you just run. RunScribe automatically records when you start running. Upload your data when you get back via our mobile sync app (for iOS and Android). You can trim or edit your run via the dashboard if RunScribe recorded part of your cool down or warm up.
Yes! You can order RunScribe today, and we will ship internationally. Please be aware that shipping and handling charges are not inclusive of customs, excise and VAT payments for certain countries. Additional fees may be due from your local customs authority.
OK, here’s the deal. RunScribe is designed to be used on a shoe, and all our mounting options were designed and tested on running shoes. That said, we have had users complete a handful of barefoot runs using kinesio tape to attach the adhesive cradle to the back of their foot. Kinesio tape is tough and has some resistance to moisture, so it is likely your best option (short of using screws!).
RunScribe Plus – water resistant, but no creek crossings.

RunScribe Pro – designed to the IP67 Standard – which means it’s good under 1m of water. So creek crossing should be fine – but no scuba diving!

RunScribe uses a rechargeable battery that offers 16 hours of run time and 14 days of Standby on a single charge. It’s always a good idea to check the battery status of RunScribe before you run. You can check your battery status in the RunScribe app.
Runs are uploaded to our server through the RunScribe app, which is available for iOS and Android Bluetooth Smart–enabled mobile devices. Once your run data has been synced with the RunScribe app, all the RunScribe metrics are available via your account at