The importance of sacral data | Our new release

Malc KentMetrics

Over the past 6 years RunScribe has evolved into a comprehensive tool for understanding kinetic and kinematic information coming from the shoes and hence also the feet. In many cases the metrics generated reflect processes happening locally at or close to the feet. Others such as contact time, impact, ground reaction force and leg spring stiffness are influenced from more … Read More

RunScribe Comparative Data

timclarkMetrics, Validation

Author – Luis Enrique Roche When in the laboratory setting, as we assess how an athlete runs, we turn around over and over again the same questions: Are these normal values? Is this impact too high? Is that pronation velocity considered as a usual parameter for this level of runner? It is well-known that every single person exhibits a very … Read More

Shoe Ride Visualizations


As a progression to the ShoePrint framework that we launched early last year, I’m excited to announce our new ShoeRide visualizations! Where ShoePrints allowed you to see where on your shoe you were landing and taking-off, our ShoeRides now show the entire ground contact progression, from foot strike to toe off and all points in-between. We capture the stance progression … Read More

Improving Run Efficiency: What Research Tells Us

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What is Run Efficiency? If you study a slow-motion video of an elite distance runner they seem to bound-along effortlessly, exerting little effort to maintain speeds that mere mortals could hardly achieve sprinting flat-out!  Efficiency, in a general sense, implies doing something in the most efficient manner, i.e. wasting the least amount of resources.  Being able to run at a … Read More

Pronation or Supination?


Q: Pronation or Supination – how to tell the difference with the data? – JxRx A: Pronation excursion (FS-MP) is the measure of how much roll the foot experiences between footstrike (FS) and the point of maximum pronation (MP). MP usually occurs before contact time is on average around 300ms. Similarly Pronation Excursion MP- Toe Off (TO) is the amount … Read More

Correlating pronation velocity and pronation excursion?


Q: One correlation I have noticed that is pretty consistent across all of my runs is the correlation between pronation velocity and pronation excursion…Overall my RS numbers were pretty symmetrical b/w my right and left foot (which is something that I’ve been thinking about lately – whether or not it’s beneficial to strive for symmetrical biomechanics b/w my left and … Read More