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timclarkMetrics, Validation

Author – Luis Enrique Roche When in the laboratory setting, as we assess how an athlete runs, we turn around over and over again the same questions: Are these normal values? Is this impact too high? Is that pronation velocity considered as a usual parameter for this level of runner? It is well-known that every single person exhibits a very … Read More

Sacred Heart University — Validation


Influence of Placement on the Validity of RunScribe Michael Giambrone [Mentor: Dr. Matthew Moran] College of Health Professions Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Science   This work was presented at the 2017 Sacred Heart University Academic Festival Original PDF : SacredHeart

UNLV Research Study — Validation


UNLV/RunScribe Study — Summer 2016 Purpose: The primary purpose of the project was to compare RunScribe metrics with high speed video and motion capture data measurements over an expanded range of running speeds and fitness levels. A secondary purpose was to investigate possible relationships between RunScribe metrics and running economy. Methods: Subjects Subjects: 23 runners. The runners represent a wide … Read More

RunScribe Validation Research Study


Ground contact time during running is defined as the time elapsed between initial ground contact and toe off. The gold standard in measuring ground contact time during running is high speed video, where heel strike and toe off are manually digitised to find the time elapsed. This system is limited for reasons including the time consuming process of manual digitisation, … Read More