The Bridge (NYC 2015)

timclarkAt the Races, NYC2015-2

The Queensboro Bridge at mile 15 (25K) is considered one of the toughest points of the course, and with no spectators allowed on the bridge, it’s also the quietest.

Our elite runner – Ellie – slows her pace just slightly as she shifts to a more mid/fore-foot strike going up and over the bridge. We can see that in both her higher Footstrike Type and slightly higher Contact Time.

But not everyone has an elite’s ability to tackle the bridge. Amit is incredibly consistent during his race, but when he hits the bridge (the 25k mark), his pace drops.  It’s clear in looking at the variance of his Stride Rate that he’s walking the uphill portion of the bridge.

Next Up…The dreaded Wall!

Photo credit: @jikato (Flickr)