NYC Marathon 2018 (Part 1) – The Vaporfly Phenomenon

timclarkAt the Races, NYC2018

We were stoked to be back in NYC for the 2018 Marathon – getting pods out to over 50 runners to capture their data as they ran on what would turn out to be a perfect day in NYC!

Positioning ourselves in Central Park at the Mile 25 marker, we watched (and waited), looking for pods while runners flew past at >180 steps/minute. What became immediately clear, was just how many were in bright crimson shoes! It truly was the year of the Nike Vaporfly, with runners of all kinds running in these (seemingly) magical shoes.

They absolutely dominated the Top 100 Men and Women:

We’ll dive into the data in the next post – looking at the metrics to shed some light on why runners are flocking to these $250 shoes – but here’s a lil teaser from one of our Top 100 finishers …