It has been almost 4 years since we launched RunScribe Plus. In that time, along with real-time metrics, we’ve been able to add more than I could have imagined to the platform. Everything from ShoePrints to ShoeRide and now Sacral capability!

Introducing RunScribe Red

Our Next Generation Gait Analysis Platform

For the tech geeks out there … these are the new specs (over RunScribe Plus) :

  • Battery Life – 2-3x improvement over RS Plus
  • Processor – 2x Program / 4x RAM
  • Flash Memory – 2x (32MB)
  • BT File Sync – 6x speed improvement
  • Sensor
    • 4x improvement in Gyro/Accel noise/drift
    • 1000Hz capable
    • 2x Pressure sensor resolution

What does that mean in practical terms?  It gives me the opportunity to continue to grow the platform, with higher resolution data, new/additional metrics and visualizations. All while syncing much faster than the current RS Plus pods, and a 3-4x improvement in battery life!

Just use the Add to Cart buttons below to place your order and get in the queue. 

I have completed testing the Red PCBAs – and green lit production. I’ll post updates over the coming weeks so you know how things are progressing!

COVID has hit the semiconductor industry hard, with standard lead-times for some components now stretching into months. Thankfully, my team in China are on top of things and well connected. Production completion is currently tracking towards the end June, which means delivery (to you) around mid-July.

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  • RunScribe Red (Foot)
    2 Pods, Charger, Cradles
    (Laces Mount Only)
  • Basic Metrics
    Efficiency, Shock, Motion
  • Advanced Metrics
    Derived, Plus, Research
  • Shoe Prints / Ride
    Visualize Ground Contact
  • Compare Tools
    Community, Trends, Shoes
  • Multiple Clients
    Unlimited via Runners Portal

  • RunScribe Red (Foot/Sacral)
    3 Pods, 1 Charger, Cradles
    (2 Laces + 1 Hip Mount)
  • Basic Metrics
    Efficiency, Shock, Motion
  • Sacral Metrics
    Pelvic Angles, Vert Osc
  • Advanced Metrics
    Derived, Plus, Research
  • Shoe Prints / Ride
    Visualize Ground Contact
  • Hip Prints / Ride
    Visualize Hip Motion
  • Compare Tools
    Community, Trends, Shoes
  • Multiple Clients
    Unlimited via Runners Portal

The Power of RunScribe

RunScribe Gait Lab for Clinics, Coaches and Researchers

  • RealTime?
    Using the RunScribe mobile app, you can see all core gait metrics (both running and walking) live.
  • Multiple Patients?
    With our Runners view, you can create and manage data for your patients.
  • In the Lab or In the Wild?
    RunScribe makes it easy to quickly collect data on a treadmill or send them out for a real road/trail run.
  • Data Export for Research Applications?
    Export options make it easy for your analysis, from per-step CSV to full 500Hz RawData IMU data.

Accuracy Matters

Over 500 clinicians, coaches, gait labs (including many footwear brands), and academic researchers around the globe trust RunScribe to deliver consistent and accurate metrics.

We’re committed to sharing our research and validation studies with our community.

trusted by
over 500
clinicians, coaches &
gait labs

1 RunScribe Red Pods

RunScribe’s 1000Hz IMU footpods record every step of your run or walk.

2 RunScribe App

View in RealTime / Upload run data using the RunScribe iOS or Android apps.

3 RunScribe Dashboard

The RunScribe dashboard offers powerful visualization and analysis tools to analyze metrics, compare runs, identify trends and track the impact of shoes & terrain on stride mechanics.

Viewable on Mobile, Tablet, or Web Browser

The RunScribe Dashboard

Summary Stats

The RunScribe Dashboard provides a quick summary of your activity, including our Community Comparison and extensive TAGing options.

Change Can Be Good … or Painful

Small changes can have big impacts. RunScribe lets you quantify that change. RunScribe is the only wearable system to provide Left/Right symmetry across every metric.

RunScribe’s Core Metrics highlight tradeoffs between the core elements of stride mechanics: Efficiency, Motion, Shock, & Power


  • Metrics

    Efficiency, Motion, Shock, Derived, Sacral and Power

  • Sensors

    9-axis motion sensor, 1000Hz sampling rate, 32MB flash memory

  • Size / Weight

    15g / 35x25x7.5mm

  • Water Resistance

    IPX6. Rain is fine, but deep creek crossings are not recommended.

  • Communication

    Bluetooth Smart

  • Smartphones

    Android 4.4+, iOS 9+

  • What's Included

    RunScribe Plus Hardware – (2) FootPods, Charger, Lace cradles.
    RunScribe App + RunScribe Web Dashboard.