Running Power

Our goal with Running Power is to be very transparent about how we’re calculating the numbers we are reporting. We want to make sure that you know what’s measured vs. modeled, with a view to making the model as meaningful as possible. I will continue to update this page, with more of the ‘history’ of Running Power, providing links to the various research papers that we’re using in the development of our algorithms.

The Running Power Model Explorer below allows you to explore how the various inputs affect not only the Total Power, but also how the individual contributions change with those inputs.

We started with the classic GOVSS model, then did some work on the efficiency term, using data from other sources (Stryd in particular) to perform a regression analysis against various RS metrics, with a view to delivering similar numbers under varying conditions.

Ultimately though, we are all using some form of running power model, with varying underlying assumptions, so there will always be conditions under which the different models do not agree … unless we all standardize, and implement the same model…