RunScribe™ captures the mechanics of how you run - let the data drive smarter training decisions.

Every Runner's Stride is Unique

By collecting advanced metrics at every footstrike, RunScribe provides a holistic view of your run - allowing you to track progress, assess risk and quantify the impact of training on form and symmetry. Learn more

Symmetry 2x offers simultaneous Right v Left metrics More
Shock Impact Gs, Braking Gs More
Efficiency Step Rate, Contact Time, Flight Ratio More
Motion Profile Footstrike Type, Pronation Excursion, Pronation Velocity More
Deep Dive Access metrics via the RunScribe app & web dashboard More

Small but Mighty Records thousands of data points with every step More

Lightweight Weighing in at 13g, RunScribe won't interfere with your run More


Run Free RunScribe calculates and stores run data - no need to run with a phone More

Post-Run Analysis RunScribe iOS & Android apps sync data while the RunScribe web dashboard offers analysis tools

Stride mechanics change dramatically during a run - RunScribe shows you how.

The RunScribe App

Upload and view run data using the RunScribe app.

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Compatible Devices
  • iPhone 4s and later
  • iPad mini, 2 and later
  • iPod Touch 5th gen and later
  • Android 4.4 or higher (BLE compatible devices only)
Runscribe App Runscribe App

The RunScribe Dashboard

The RunScribe Dashboard

Dive Deep

The RunScribe web dashboard offers tools to analyze metrics, compare runs, identify trends and track the impact of shoes & terrain on stride mechanics.

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RunScribe's comprehensive metrics highlight tradeoffs between the core elements of a runner's stride: Symmetry, Motion, Efficiency & Shock.


Efficiency metrics are correlated to running economy - an indicator of your running performance and potential.

Efficiency indicators are used to:
  • Establish a runner’s optimal pace
  • Evaluate training effect
  • Identify weakness based on efficiency breakdown
  • Assess the impact of footwear

RunScribe Efficiency Metrics

Stride Rate
Flight Ratio
Contact Time


Shock is an indicator of stress on the skeletal system, and are measured at each footstrike. RunScribe provides Shock metrics for every footstrike and for the entire run.

Shock values are used to:
  • Identify injury risk
  • Evaluate training load
  • Assess shoewear

RunScribe Shock Metrics



Motion metrics characterize running form, which can vary based on speed, terrain, footwear and fatigue.

Motion metrics are used to:
  • Assess form and variance while running in natural environments
  • Identify injury risk
  • Track recovery from injury
  • Improve footwear selection
  • Quantify the effect of gait retraining

RunScribe Motion Metrics

Footstrike Type
(Heel, Mid, Fore)
Pronation Excursion
Pronation Velocity


Simultaneous left and right run data identifies imbalances. While some degree of asymmetry is normal, extreme asymmetry can be an indicator of injury risk.

Symmetry is used to:
  • Identify areas of dominance or weakness
  • Quantify the impact of physical therapy, orthotics, shoewear, strength & conditioning programs
  • Track progress in injury recover

RunScribe Symmetry (available only with RunScribe Pro 2x)

Motion Profile

"Not many devices allow for practical change based on data, but I believe RunScribe gives us the tool to translate some of these nice metrics into practical change that influences performance."

Steve Magness - Science of Running

"As an elite running coach, every detail matters. I am constantly striving to minimize the occurrences of injury and enhance the effectiveness of our training. RunScribe is a tool that helps me accomplish this. It allows me to drill into the details and provides me with clear, actionable data."

Ryan Ponsonby - Elite Running Coach

"At our clinic we're fortunate enough to work with endurance, elite and Olympic runners for injury management and prevention. RunScribe is a quick and efficient way for us to confirm what we see in video analysis and the physical exam, quickly identify imbalances, show patients where their issues lie and quantify changes from therapy and orthotics. RunScribe has been extremely useful!"

Ian Chapple PT, Cert DN - Endurance Rehab

"Now Scribe Labs wearable technology can potentially prevent running injuries by analyzing your running form and running shoes."

Nick Pang - Natural Running Center