Our Mission

By creating the largest data bank of running kinematic data, we hope to shed light on some of the most persistent questions in running research. Our mission is to work with leading researchers, academics and biomechanists to use this unprecedented data to understand larger trends in running like injury correlation and running efficiency.


How To Get Involved

We’ve got a limited team to oversee and administer RunScribe Research, but we hope to grow over time! There are currently three ways you can get involved:

Run with RunScribe. Your runs will be aggregated into our databank, but your data will never be personally identifiable. Just by running, you give us the raw data to help us learn more about the sport.

Research Proposals. Submit your research proposal to us at research@runscribe.com. We will evaluate the research on the following criteria:
Originality: We would would love to see original research!
Resources: Tell us about the resources you have in place to make your proposal a success - funding, subjects, time, lab equipment, etc.
Benefit: Does the research benefit running biomechanics and/or the running community as a whole?
RunScribe Support: Can we participate in a supportive role for this project? Eventually we hope to be more hands of, but we’ve found that one of our team members will need to support any research projects to ensure that RunScribe is delivering the right information to you. This may mean evaluating the experimental design or suggesting changes based on RunScribe capabilities, so we will want to make sure we’re working with a collaborative team.
RunScribe Research: Researchers may want to capture their own data and perform their own analysis. For programs meeting our requirements, academic institutions can qualify for discount pricing on RunScribe hardware for data capture.

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