What does RunScribe do, and how do I use it?

RunScribe uses advanced sensor technology and algorithms to precisely record your stride mechanics in the wild. RunScribe reports advanced metrics in 4 dimensions: Efficiency, Motion, Shock & Symmetry. This holistic view allows clinicians, coaches & athletes to precisely assess a runner’s style, quantify the impact of training on mechanics, and track running patterns to identify trends. RunScribe is lightweight & unobtrusive and can be work on the treadmill, track, road or trail. RunScribe automatically starts and stops, you don’t need to run with a phone or press a start button.  When you’re done, upload and view your data via the RunScribe app.

What’s included in my order?

  • 2 RunScribe footpods
  • Cradles which allow RunScribe to be mounted on the heel or on laces
  • Clips (provided in various sizes, to secure a snug fit on most running shoes)
  • RunScribe dual charger with USB charging cable
  • The RunScribe app for iOS and Android
  • RunScribe account with access to the RunScribe  dashboard and analysis tools

What are the RunScribe metrics?

RunScribe captures metrics at every footstrike, which allows for deeper analysis. Here’s the details:


Summary Metrics

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Time (Running, Walking, Stationary)
  • Stride Length

Efficiency Indicators

  • Stride Rate
  • Contact Time
  • Flight Ratio

Motion Profile

  • Footstrike Type
  • Pronation Excursion
  • Pronation Velocity


  • Shock Gs (by footstrike and cumulative)
  • Impact Gs
  • Braking Gs


  • Symmetry snapshot and simultaneous R v L metrics

Is RunScribe accurate?

Today, RunScribe is being used in clinics and by academic researchers as a trusted and accurate measurement tool. We built RunScribe using the same sensor technology used in Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), which are found in everything from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to satellites to the Mars lander.  These units work by combining the results from an array of sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers) to precisely determine rotational attributes like pitch, roll, and yaw using a technique called Sensor Fusion.  Throughout the development of RunScribe, we have worked with university partners to test and validate RunScribe data against gait analysis systems in their labs.  These results feed into our proprietary footsteps model to compute RunScribe metrics.

We believe consistency and accuracy are paramount for professional use. While we are always improving the accuracy of our footsteps model, we will continue to publish our validation studies and any 3rd party research results on our Running Unraveled site.

How do I ensure my data is accurate? (Best Practices)

There are a few best practices that ensure your run data will be accurate:

  • Distance Calibration: RunScribe estimates distance until you have calibrated your first few runs. To ensure accurate distance calculations, edit your run distance using a trusted data source (GPS app or smartwatch). After you’ve edited your first few runs, RunScribe will accurately calculate distance.
  • Secure Mount: RunScribe is full of sensitive sensor tech, which means it must be securely mounted and correctly oriented with the cradle tab facing up. Upside down or loose RunScribe footpods can result in wonky data.
  • Update: We’re constantly making improvements, so update your app and make sure your RunScribe is running the latest firmware.

Who is using RunScribe today?

RunScribe customers are coaches, clinicians and athletes using advanced measurement tools in their practice with a desire for real world metrics. Users include:

Distance, Track & Field Runners & Triathletes: Athletes often serve as their own coach and therapist. RunScribe gives athletes access to lab-grade data to help them assess shoewear, track performance and identify areas of weakness.

Physiotherapists, Clincians, Podiatrists: RunScribe is being used in practices around the globe to do real-world client assessment, quantify progress in injury recover and tracking change related to gait retraining, shower or orthodics.

Coaches: RunScribe is being used at elite levels in multiple sports, but distance running in particular. By analyzing a runner’s metrics over the duration of a run, coaches are able to identify areas for improvement and refine race strategies. RunScribe also plays a roll in helping coaches objectively assess a runner’s status after coming back from injury.

Do I have to have a mobile device to use RunScribe?

Yes…and no.

Yes – in order to upload your data between the RunScribe and the web dashboard, you need a Bluetooth enabled iOS or Android device.

No – you don’t have to RUN with your phone or tablet. RunScribe automatically records when you start running, so you can leave your phone at home and sync when you are done.

Do I need to run with my phone?

No need to run with a phone. We’ve got plenty of storage memory in RunScribe, so you just run. RunScribe automatically records when you start running. Upload your data when you get back via our mobile sync app (for iOS and Android). You can trim or edit your run via the dashboard if RunScribe recorded part of your cool down or warm up.

Does RunScribe stream metrics in real time?

All RunScribe metrics are available post-run.  The capability for real-time transmission of metrics is designed into RunScribe, but we will be working in conjunction partners in the future.  Because RunScribe provides metrics which have never been available before, we will partner with companies interested in creating new channels to communicate advanced metrics.  If you want to help us make that happen, let your favorite app or running watch manufacturer know you want real time RunScribe metrics!

Is RunScribe available internationally?

Yes!  You can order RunScribe today, and we will ship internationally. Please be aware that shipping and handling charges are not inclusive of customs, excise and VAT payments for certain countries. Additional fees may be due from your local customs authority.

Do I need a RunScribe for each shoe?

In order to accurately measure asymmetries a RunScribe footpod must be mounted on each shoe.

How does RunScribe mount on my shoe?

RunScribe ships with 2 cradles, which allow you to mount RunScribe wherever you’re most comfortable:

  • Laces: Slip the cradle under your laces and snap RunScribe into place.  This is the most secure location.
  • Clips: You’ll receive different clips that snap into a special cradle, that allows you to hook RunScribe to the heel of your shoe.  This makes it easy to swap RunScribe between shoes.

Can RunScribe be used while running barefoot?

OK, here’s the deal. RunScribe is designed to be used on a shoe, and all our mounting options were designed and tested on running shoes.  That said, we have had users complete a handful of barefoot runs using kinesio tape to attach the adhesive cradle to the back of their foot. Kinesio tape is tough and has some resistance to moisture, so it is likely your best option (short of using screws!).

Is RunScribe waterproof?

We designed RunScribe to the IP7 Standard – which means it’s good under 1m of water. So creek crossing should be fine – but no scuba diving!

What is the RunScribe battery life?

RunScribe uses a rechargeable battery that offers 16 hours of run time and 14 days of Standby on a single charge. It’s always a good idea to check the battery status of RunScribe before you run. You can check your battery status in the RunScribe app.

How do I upload my runs and see RunScribe metrics?

Runs are uploaded to our server through the RunScribe app, which is available for iOS and Android Bluetooth Smart–enabled mobile devices. Once your run data has been synced with the RunScribe app, all the RunScribe metrics are available via your account at dashboard.runscribe.com


Do you support Windows Mobile?

Sorry! We only offering support for iOS and Android devices.

What if I don’t have a smartphone or tablet? Or my iOS or Android smartphone doesn’t support Bluetooth Smart?

RunScribe requires a Bluetooth Smart Ready iOS or Android device in order to sync/upload the data.  In addition, we plan to make improvements to RunScribe and offer new features, which will be enabled via updates over Bluetooth.


How do I know if my smartphone is Bluetooth Smart ready?

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group maintains a list of the growing number of devices that support Bluetooth Smart / Low Energy Bluetooth. You can find that list here.

My question wasn’t answered here. How can I reach you?

Feel free to send any questions to contact@runscribe.com.