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Not many devices allow for practical change based on data, but I believe RunScribe gives us the tool to translate some of these nice metrics into practical change that influences performance.

— Steve Magness Science of Running

As an elite running coach, every detail matters. I am constantly striving to minimize the occurrences of injury and enhance the effectiveness of our training. RunScribe is a tool that helps me accomplish this. It allows me to drill into the details and provides me with clear, actionable data.

— Ryan Ponsonby Elite Running Coach

At our clinic we're fortunate enough to work with endurance, elite and Olympic runners for injury management and prevention. RunScribe is a quick and efficient way for us to confirm what we see in video analysis and the physical exam, quickly identify imbalances, show patients where their issues lie and quantify changes from therapy and orthotics. RunScribe has been extremely useful!

— Ian Chapple PT, Cert DN Endurance Rehab

Now Scribe Labs wearable technology can potentially prevent running injuries by analyzing your running form and running shoes.

— Nick Pang Natural Running Center

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