About RunScribe

RunScribe products are designed for the data-driven athlete. By capturing real world performance and building a community database of advanced running metrics, we help athletes, coaches and trainers unlock new insights to achieving goals, reducing the risk of injury and making smarter training decisions.

Scribe Labs

Founded in 2012, Scribe Labs is focused on delivering advanced metrics that provide meaningful and actionable insights to athletes. RunScribe is the only wearable technology to capture and deliver advanced kinematic metrics in the wild. Scribe is based in the SF Bay Area and is privately funded.

Our Team

  • Tim Clark Technology

    An avid cyclist & runner, Tim lives at the intersection of technology and sports. An expert in firmware and algorithm development, Tim also brings manufacturing and hardware expertise. Previously, Tim worked at Activision/Red Octane, Metrigear (acquired by Garmin), and the US Olympic Training Center.

  • Mandi Mena Marketing

    Mandi’s career in product development and marketing spans embedded software, mobile apps, wearables & sports tech. Mandi previously worked at Immersion, Metrigear (acquired by Garmin), Verisign Mobile and Synaptics.

  • John Litschert Biomechanics

    A runner, swimmer & cyclist, John brings diverse experience from working as a biomechanist at the US Olympic Training Center across a wide range of sports - from running and cycling to table tennis. While John has broad expertise in biomechanics and sports science, a majority of his academic and professional career has focused on gait analysis.

  • Mark Handel Engineering

    Mark brings over 15 years of architecting data systems in the health and fitness wearable industry, working with leading consumer brands, including Jawbone, BodyMedia and Bodybugg. A competitive runner and jumper in college, Mark now competes in mid-level amateur cycling.

Where to find us

Our “offices” are the trails of the SF Bay Area and Colorado, but you can find our brick and mortar offices in Half Moon Bay, CA.

How to contact us

If you’ve got any questions and would like to contact us, please email us here